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Los Angeles City Attorney Cracks Down on Illegal Fireworks, Targets Online Platforms

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Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer warned residents about the use of illegal fireworks for personal use as preparations for Independence Day are underway. Amid concerns of increased risk of a fire hazard due to the ongoing drought, Feuer encouraged Angelenos to enjoy fireworks only in ”professional and permitted shows” on June 16.

Feuer said last year, 9,100 people were injured by fireworks that caused damage to their eyes, feet, or fingers. Historically, he said, more pets go missing on July 4 than any other day in the year.

“We know that in 2020 a fireworks display that was illegal caused a Northridge apartment building to burn to the ground,” Feuer said at the press conference. “And of course because of our drought, any fire that starts is going to spread very quickly.”

He said his office will be working these next few weeks on prevention tactics, such as removing firework advertisements from online platforms that target LA residents. Feuer said his office has already issued cease and desist letters to online platforms posting those ads.

Meta, Offer Up, and Craigslist are also cooperating with the city attorney’s office to identify and remove targeted ads, Feuer said.

The Los Angeles Fire Department and council districts are also working diligently to spread awareness about the dangers of illegal fireworks.

On July 2, the city will hold a firework buyback program.

“Last year, more than a quarter ton of fireworks were turned in,” Feuer said. “And again, they’re turned in and there’s no consequence for turning those fireworks in; no penalties at all.”

In April, the city attorney’s office prosecuted an individual for illegal fireworks, “and there are going to be other such instances that we anticipate where there’ll be a prosecution, if that person can be apprehended.”

“I want to underscore what that prosecution displays is the fact that if someone is engaged in using or selling illegal fireworks, then that person could face severe consequences,” he said.


Jamie is a California-based reporter covering issues in Los Angeles and state policies for The Epoch Times. In her free time, she enjoys reading nonfiction and thrillers, going to the beach, studying Christian theology, and writing poetry. You can always find Jamie writing breaking news with a cup of tea in hand.

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