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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers, Knicks, Suns & Bucks searching for help | Good Word with Goodwill

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Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporters Vincent Goodwill and Jake Fischer talk about what they’ve heard on the NBA trade market as the trade deadline nears.

On this episode of the Good Word with Goodwill podcast, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporters Vincent Goodwill and Jake Fischer go through the big news of the day and discuss what rumors they have heard as the NBA trade deadline nears.

Vince and Jake kick off the show by talking about Joel Embiid’s knee “procedure” and if it should prevent the Philadelphia 76ers from pushing in their chips and trying to contend for a championship this season.

The Chicago Bulls are in a very different position, having failed to trade away Zach LaVine and now seeing LaVine get surgery on his foot that will keep him out 4-6 months. Jake says don’t be surprised if they never find a way to move off of LaVine’s contract.

The Phoenix Suns finally look like the team we expected them to be. They finally have all of their big 3 (Durant, Booker, Beal) healthy and they’re playing some of the best basketball in the West. Jake points out that they still have depth issues and Vince wonders if Phoenix can do anything at the trade deadline.

We kick off trade rumors by talking about Miles Bridges, who is in a complicated situation that gives him a no-trade clause. He missed last season due to domestic violence charges filed against him, so any team trading for him has to know that it’s not as simple as adding a player to their roster.

After that, the guys unload their notebooks and share the rumors that they’ve heard with the NBA trading deadline just a couple days away.

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