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Star Atlas wants to revolutionize P2E gaming – Should you buy

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Play to earn or P2E is seen as one of the most promising sectors in crypto. After all, some projects have seen massive success in this area, including the popular Axie Infinity. But one game that is trying to take over the P2E space is Star Atlas. The metaverse game has seen major milestones over the past few months. Here are some of them:

Massive community growth with over 350,000 followers on Twitter

The game is built on Solana, offering better speeds and scalability

It has hundreds of thousands of active players each day

Data Source: TradingView 

Star Atlas – Should you buy it?
Before we get to the economics of Start Atlas, it is important to note that the metaverse offers a dual token economy. The governance token is called the POLIS. Now, as an investor, you would normally purchase the governance token since it gives you a lot of leverage over the game. 

So, the more the game grows, the more valuable the POLIS token becomes. This token has a fully diluted market cap of around $138 million. This is still modest and offers quite some potential for more expansion. 

The second coin is the in-game utility token called ATLAS. This one would be ideal for people who want to actually play the game. The market cap for ATLAS is around $219 million.

Why buy Star Atlas?
The potential growth that Star Atlas offers is quite incredible. In fact, just recently, JP Morgan has come out with a report that predicts the metaverse would be worth $13 trillion by 2030. Start Atlas is one of the projects leading this revolution, and it could help you unlock a huge chunk of that industry.

The game dynamics and in-game economy of the Star Atlas metaverse are very sustainable. This ensures the game can run on its own without further injections of capital.

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