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Large Mouse Study Still Tracking to Experimentally Doubling Remaining Life of Middle Age Male Mice

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The all-treatments group is still taking roughly twice as long as the all-controls group (starting from 19 months old, when the experiment began) to get down to a given survival percentage in males. The all treatments female mice are lasting 50% longer than controls. It’ll still be a few months before we can start to discern whether this persists well enough to constitute the Holy Grail of a true lengthening of mortality rate doubling time.

What does this mean for humans? Rapamycin and calorie restriction has had quite a bit of research. Rapamycin and calorie restriction may provide an average of about 2-5 years of added life. The combination treatments could be about 50% better than just Rapamycin. This would mean 3-8 years of added life. However, the studies on humans have not been made for a long enough time to know this with certainty. This is information from incomplete studies of only a decade or so.

There have been different life extension therapies where each on there own can add about 10-35% to the remaining life of a mouse. Here we are seeing if combining four of the best therapies can double the expected remaining life of a middle age mouse from one year to over two years. The male mice in the 1000 mouse study are tracking closely to doubling the remaining life of the mice.

Those four interventions are:

* Senescent cell ablation via galactose-conjugated Navitoclax (“Nav-Gal”) [removing old cells]

* Rapamycin in food at 42 ppm [calorie restriction mimick]

* Enhanced telomerase expression via repeated TERT gene therapy (via nasally administered AAV-mTERT) [extending the ends of DNA]

* Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation [adding young cells]

Senescent cells are zombie (aka malfunctioning) cells.

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